Hi, i'm Sohaib Akhtar

front-end dev

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My Passion

Coding Interest

Love designing websites with a very smooth and responsive interface. Creating animations, intuitive and dynamic user experiences. Coding has made me realise that I like learning new skills and utilising the skill to build something new.

Keen to Learn

Always had the drive to want to learn new skills. Finished my first Bootcamp course online through Udemy and since then I have been in love with the idea of building websites and coding various things. I now strive to build and create new content online to make it easier and smoother for people to use and enjoy.


Being able to use my creative flair to create new ideas and apply it in the technological way. My next project in the works is building a mobile app/website to help support students/people who want to get information on how to change career paths.


Who I am

Biomedical Scientist transitioning into Front End Developer

I am a self-taught Front End Developer from West Yorkshire. I have learnt most of my coding through Udemy and Youtube. I gained a fascination about coding when me and my friend had started an online business selling Men's Accessories through the help of an e-commerce website which I designed. I have knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages. I am still learning other languages/frameworks to broaden my skill set. This helped me to realise that I am really interested in wanting to do coding as a full time job with more of an interest in Front-End Development. I have been teaching myself to code ever since and have loved every bit of it!.

On a personal level, I am highly-motivated, result oriented, self-driven, hard-working, fast learner and constantly seeking to improve my skills. In addition to this, I have the ability to adapt to any type of team environment, I am team oriented and get along with others when working in a group setting.

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